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Welcome to our Bouclé fabric collection!

Bouclé is a textured upholstery fabric renowned for its luxurious feel and distinctive appearance.

Here's what you need to know about our Bouclé:


  • 18% Wool

  • 5% Linen

  • 59% Acetate

  • 18% Polyester

Water Resistance: 7/10

Scratch Resistance: 8/10

At our store, we enhance the durability of our Bouclé fabrics with a protective treatment for initial water and stain resistance. Please note, while this treatment provides added protection, its effectiveness may diminish over time with use. Regular maintenance is recommended to preserve the fabric's appearance and longevity.


Y2023-05 (White)

Y2023-06 (Milk White)

Y2023-07 (B&W)

Y2023-08 (Emerald Green)

Y2023-09 (Mustard Yellow)

Y2023-10 (Navy Green)

Y2023-11 (Black)

Y2023-12 (Red Brown)

Y2023-13 (Navy Blue)

Y2023-14 (White - Smaller Boucle Texture)

Please state the exact colour code in your order during checkout! 

Thank you for your cooperation. 


Note: Colors displayed on our website may appear slightly different from the actual fabric due to variations in lighting and monitor settings.

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