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Welcome to our Wool fabric collection!

Wool is a natural choice for upholstery, renowned for its luxurious texture and insulating properties. We're delighted to showcase our range of wool upholstery options, designed to enhance your home with both warmth and style.


  • 18% Wool

  • 5% Linen

  • 59% Acetate

  • 18% Polyester

Water Resistance: 6/10

Scratch Resistance: 6/10

Wool fabric offers a plush feel and excellent insulation, making it perfect for creating cozy living spaces. While not completely waterproof, it has moderate water resistance and can withstand light spills with proper care. Explore our variety of colors to find the perfect wool fabric that complements your decor and lifestyle, knowing it's crafted to provide both comfort and lasting beauty.





Please state the exact colour code as listed here in your order during checkout!

Thank you for your cooperation. 

Note: Colors displayed on our website may appear slightly different from the actual fabric due to variations in lighting and monitor settings. 

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